Why We Are Unique    

Lots of orthodontists can give you braces. Valley Ranch Orthodontics attempts to give you more. We offer an orthodontic experience that will not just give you a better smile - it will make you WANT to smile. It is the combination of little details that make us unique.

Here are some examples:

Believing in children
Confidence and Responsibility - not just straight teeth - are a hallmark of a Dr. Prasad's patients.


  •  Responsibility:
Teaching children proper brushing habits and proper care of their braces, children learn this important character quality. This reduces stress for the parents.

  •  Confidence:
We believe every child is a unique wonderful gift. Each child needs encouragement to develop confidence.

We exhibit Children's artwork and give awards based on their creativity.

  •  We want children to have rotations in our office to expose them to the medical world – to help plan their careers early in life.

We provide as much guidance as possible to encourage our patients to get admission in Harvard and other Ivy League schools.

Orthodontist Braces

Dr Prasad Cares…
As an orthodontist in Valley Ranch, Dr Prasad is proud to serve the children and adults of Valley Ranch, Copell, Flower Mound, Irving, and Lewisville. She and the team of Valley Ranch Orthodontics are constantly looking for ways to improve how we deliver our services and contributions to the community for our patients and their families. Our goal is for you and your children to be all that you can be in life. We will do whatever we can do to help in this endeavor. If you have suggestions, please let us know.

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